Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) On the Islands of Puerto Rico and Vieques, U.S.A.

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Biological Sciences


Biological, Environmental, and Earth Sciences


We conducted an island-wide survey of the Caribbean islands Puerto Rico and Vieques, U.S.A. during late 2018 and early 2019 to document the current richness of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae). We used a combination of larval surveys and adult trapping using baited CDC light traps and BG-Sentinel traps across 41 of the 78 municipalities. We collected 9 genera, 12 subgenera, and 31 species, which when combined with past studies yields 44 species on the islands. We also note species occurrences across habitat types and elevations from around the islands. One new record, Aedes (Ochlerotatus) obturbator Dyar and Knab, is noted. However we found no evidence of the presence of Aedes albopictus (Skuse), an invasive found throughout the Caribbean, or Aedes (Fredwardsius) vittatus (Bigot), an exotic species recently reported in the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Habitat associations and information regarding the medical importance of species are also included. Given that the islands often experience outbreaks of several arboviruses, obtaining a complete picture of the species present is of high importance.

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Acta Tropica



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