The Stability of Aliphatic Azo Linkages Influences the Controlled Scission of Degradable Polyurethanes

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Polymer Science and Engineering


A better understanding of polymer degradation and post-degradation processes are essential for the development of novel degradable polymers. Herein, we present the synthesis of a new aliphatic azo-containing polyurethane and its degradation behavior toward external stimuli like heat and UV light. A relatively stable radical forming azo-monomer present in the current polyurethane is readily undergoing thermal degradation, whereas the azo-group is less susceptible to optical degradation. A comparison of the stimuli-responsive properties of the new azo-polymer with a previously known, relatively active radical forming monomer incorporated azo-polymer reveals the dependencies of the monomer and radical stability in the controlled degradation process. Our results point toward the importance of radical activity in azo-containing polymers.

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Journal of Polymer Science

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