Experiences of Queer Latinx Men at Hispanic-Serving Institutions: Promoting Engagement and Academic Success

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Book Chapter

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Educational Research and Administration




This chapter examines the experiences of queer Latinx men at Hispanic-serving institutions. Approximately 22% of Latinx millennials reported holding an LGBTQ identity. As new generations of students enroll in institutions of higher education, administrators are seeing an increase in the acceptance of queer students and the expectation for inclusive policies and services. With the campus climate playing a role in engagement and academic performance for both queer students and Latinx students, institutional diversity and support for queer Latinx men are important. The policy implications include increasing representation of faculty and staff who hold Latinx and queer identities, addressing lack of awareness of resources, and addressing the impact racial/ethnic and queer discrimination have on the campus climate.

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Handbook of Research On Opening Pathways For Marginalized Individuals In Higher Education