The Longitudinal Association Between Childhood Abuse and Positive and Negative Family Interactions in Midlife and Older Adults: The Role of Mindfulness Meditiation and Gender

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Child and Family Studies


Objectives: Childhood abuse has been linked to problematic familial relationships in adulthood; however, it remains unclear what factors buffer the association. Mindfulness research has demonstrated promise in improving relationships among adults abused during childhood, but research has focused on couples, with fewer studies examining familial relationships.

Methods: Using a data sample of 2430 adults from the Midlife Development in the United States, the current study examined mindfulness as a moderator of childhood abuse and familial support and strain in adults.

Results: Analysis of hierarchical regression revealed that mindfulness was a moderator of childhood abuse and family strain over a 10-year period in women, but not men. However, mindfulness did not moderate childhood abuse and support.

Discussion: This examination of mindfulness in the context of familial relationships may help women more successfully manage negative familial interactions. Results indicate mindfulness-based interventions may be helpful in improving familial relationships among adults abused by family members in childhood.

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Research On Aging

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