Dipstick Tests For Biogenic Amines

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Chemistry and Biochemistry


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A rapid colorimetric dipstick test for histamine in tuna was developed based on the coupling of diamine oxidase to a peroxidase/dye ststem. The assay was linear to 1.0 μM histamine and the minimum detectable concentration was 0.07 μM corresponding to 2.3 mg% in tuna extracts. Histidine and cadaverine did not interfere with the assay whereas putrescine reacted slightly with the dipstick. Histamine determinations in fresh and spoiled tuna gave good agreement between the dipstick method and the AOAC fluorometric method. The dipstick assay technique should be readily adaptable to putrescine or cadaverine.

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Nineteenth and Twentieth Annual Conferences: Tropical and Subtropical Seafood Science and Technology Society of the Americas