Recognizing, Embracing, and Advocating for Diversity to Develop Young Children's Social-Emotional Skills: READing

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In this chapter, the authors discuss how early childhood educators (ECE) can use the Recognizing, Embracing, and Advocating for Diversity (READ) framework to teach young children about diversity. Designing inclusive classrooms provides ECEs with opportunities to create an engaging and positive learning environment. This multi-layered framework, positioned by literacy practices and informed by anti-bias education and the UDL lens, promotes perspective-taking and focuses on ensuring all children have an equitable learning experience and opportunities to fully participate in all aspects of their education. By establishing the READ guidelines, the authors hope to encourage understanding of how ECEs can create classroom environments and activities that teach young children about diversity while providing them with opportunities to practice recognizing, embracing, and advocating for diversity as they grow and learn.

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Handbook of Research On Supporting Social and Emotional Development Through Literacy Education

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