InShape: In-Situ Shape-Based Interactive Multiple View Exploration of Diffusion MRI Visualizations

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Computing Sciences and Computer Engineering


We present InShape, an in-situ shape-based multiple-view selection interface for interactive exploration of dense tube-based diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (DMRI) visualizations. An optimal experience in such exploration demands concentration on the tract of interest (TOI). InShape facilitates such workflow by leveraging three design principles: (1) shape-enabled precise selection; (2) in-the-flow multi-views for comparison; (3) sculpture-based removal. Results of a pilot study suggested that users have the best interaction experience when the widget shapes match the targeted selection shape. We also found that widget design without losing the flow of operations facilitates focused control. Finally, quick sculpture can help reach the target selection fibers quickly. The contributions of this work are the design principles, together with discussions of usability considerations in interactive exploration in dense 3D DMRI environments.

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Advances In Visual Computing: 8th International Symposium, ISVC 2012

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