Bootable Utility For Balanced Benchmarking and Archiving

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Computing Sciences and Computer Engineering


We present a user-friendly method for generating comparable high-precision benchmark information. By conducting computational performance benchmarks in a standardized bootable environment built on the 2.6.21 Linux kernel, we are able to reduce imprecision associated with context switching: such as that required for the maintenance of daemon processes on a user's machine. By conducting tests multiple times per benchmark run, we are able to reduce the impact of single imprecise results, and provide statistics on the error of the scoring during a benchmark run. Finally, by uploading the benchmark results accompanied by a user name, a database of highly comparable scores can be generated, providing a resource for competitive benchmarking and processor performance reference. ©2007 IEEE.

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2007 4th IEEE Workshop on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications, IDAACS

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