Women Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Internationalization

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Political Science, International Development, and International Affairs


Social Science and Global Studies


Specialized literature shows that internationalization, innovation, and entrepreneurship have positive effects on economic growth. Moreover, there is a positive relationship between them. In addition, female entrepreneurship is a key contributor to economic growth, not only by its creation of wealth and employment, but by the diversification of entrepreneurial activity. Nevertheless, evidence shows that female entrepreneurs are less likely to export and to participate in research and technology. The goal of this chapter is to contribute to the knowledge of entrepreneurial behavior, separating by gender. Special attention will be given to the gender-related differences in innovation and internationalization of entrepreneurs. To achieve this goal, we use a dataset of 42 countries from 5 continents that participated in Global Entrepreneurship Monitor in 2008. This study is an original large-scale empirical study about gender and entrepreneurial performance, focused on innovation and internationalization.

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Women's Entrepreneurship and Economics

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