Capitalizing On Patrol Intelligence: Practitioner Receptivity To Patrol-Driven Intelligence-Led Policing

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Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, and Security


Intelligence-led policing (ILP) approaches seek to utilize a variety of strategies capitalizing on intelligence and analysis to reduce, address, and prevent crime or harm. Often, the application of these strategies involves a top-down approach. An exception to this is the Phoenix Police Department’s patrol-driven Intelligence Officer Program (IOP). This article examines the extent to which personnel from the department are receptive to this specific patrol-driven ILP approach. More specifically, responses from surveys of patrol officers, intelligence officers, and their supervisors are used to explore the perceived value of the program to patrol activities and the patrol function more broadly. Results suggest that stakeholders seem to be enthusiastic about the IOP. Importantly, it is demonstrated that more familiarity and engagement with programs can encourage greater receptivity to policing innovations such as patrol-driven ILP programs. Potential avenues for research are also discussed.

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Police Practice and Research

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