Racism As a Tool: The Myth of Race to Improve Companies Profiles and Stifle the Dilemma

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This paper examines the representation of race in advertising through commercials that represent discrimination against black people in America. This paper also seeks to understand the meanings created in commercial scenes and how the company uses racism to improve its marketing profile. Through a textual analysis, the researchers argue that such commercials have two main objectives. The first is to enhance the credit of the company’s brand image in the public’s mind by exploiting social racism as a new advertising face. The second goal is to stimulate public debate about the historical dilemma in American society by arousing feelings toward black people and encouraging social justice. The company successfully displays black people’s social tragedy and triggers sympathy. Such commercials would open the door to further discussion of racial discrimination facing black people today and may indeed contribute to stifling racism towards minorities in the world.

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Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences





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