GenSea: Bringing GenZ to the Sea Through Targeted Workforce Development Programming

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Center for Science and Math Education


GenSea is a growing partnership, led by the University of Southern Mississippi's (USM) Center for STEM Education, building bridges to connect high school students and teachers to the blue economy through immersive field experiences and internships. Mississippi's coast is home to a huge array of coastal science and technology industries, including energy, shipbuilding, ocean engineering, aquaculture, logistics, and hydrography, as well as government agencies like NOAA, National Weather Service, Navy Oceanographic Command, and NASA's Stennis Space Center. Almost 1,500 high school students and teachers have traveled to the Gulf Coast to learn about career paths and options via day-long field trips and experiments, summer internships, and multi-day teacher professional development events (Figure 1). GenSea helps students create a new vision for their future – a future working on the Gulf Coast in the blue economy.

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OCEANS 2023 - MTS/IEEE U.S. Gulf Coast