Secure and Scalable Permissioned Blockchain using LDE-P2P Networks

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Computing Sciences and Computer Engineering


This study presents a novel method that utilizes Linear Diophantine Equations (LDE) within permission-based blockchains. The technique offers a unique approach to improve access control and decrease data lookup complexity. The suggested approach introduces a novel blockchain architecture called Linear Diophantine Equation-based Hierarchical (LDEPTH), which aims to enhance permission management and improve operational efficiency. Through the integration of LDE (Least-Privilege, Default-Deny, and Economy) principles, this architectural framework establishes a hierarchical arrangement that optimizes the management of access rights, hence guaranteeing the secure exchange of data and facilitating efficient transaction processes. The integration of many components inside the permissioned blockchain ecosystem leads to a notable reduction in the complexity associated with data lookup processes. This study illuminates the potential of the innovative technique to significantly transform permission-based blockchains. It presents a framework that effectively tackles access control difficulties while simultaneously enhancing the overall performance of the network.

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2023 10th International Conference on Internet of Things: Systems, Management and Security