A New Species, Apseudes larseni (Crustacea : Tanaidacea), From the Marine Waters of New Zealand

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Coastal Sciences, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory


Apseudes larseni, new species, is described from the marine waters of New Zealand in depths of 108-1357 m. The new species belongs to a group of species characterized by the presence of lateral spines on both the carapace and pereonites. Apseudes larseni can be distinguished from all but one of these species, A. graciloides, by having two pairs of lateral spines on the carapace. Apseudes larseni also differs from A. graciloides by (1) the lateral spines of pereonite 1 having a different placement, (2) pereonite 2 having four pairs of lateral spines, as opposed to one pair in A. graciloides, (3) the cheliped with merus having a ventral spine (absent in A. graciloides) and a distinctly shorter and stouter carpus, and (4) pereopod 1 with basis lacking ventral spines (present in A. graciloides). The morphological similarity of the two sexes, especially in the similar cheliped and the apparent presence of a reduced genital cone on some female specimens, suggest the possibility that Apseudes larseni may be hermaphroditic.

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