Role of pyridine in Wyodak-pyridine adducts

David L. Wertz, University of Southern Mississippi
A Winters
T Craft
J Holloway


When pyridine (PYR) is added to powdered Wyodak subbituminous coal (WYO), the sample is converted to a paste, and the molecular-level adduct which is formed is stable for months. After the excess pyridine has evaporated from the WYO-PYR sample, the stoichiometry of the adduct is ca. two pyridine molecules per bilayer of WYO polycyclic units; this adduct exists even after mild vacuum treatment of the sample. The pyridine molecules in this adduct appear to be located between the bilayer lamellae and to be H-bonded to either H-O or H-N moieties attached to the poly-cyclic aromatic units of WYO. An H-bonded N---H-X distance of 2.6 angstrom has been calculated from a structural model of the WYO-PYR adduct.