Student and Preceptor Perception of Performance In Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences

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Educational Leadership and School Counseling


Objective. To compare student self-assessment of confidence in drug knowledge and proficiency in skills before the start and at the end of the advanced pharmacy practice experiential program. Student self-assessment of knowledge and skills were also compared with preceptor evaluations. Design. A survey instrument to assess student drug knowledge and pharmacy skills was created and administered at the end of the P3 and P4 years. The preceptor survey instrument was administered at the conclusion of the rotation year (May to April). Assessment. P4 students displayed increased confidence in their drug knowledge and skills after completing the advanced pharmacy practice experiences. However, students rated themselves higher than their preceptors rated them in 6 areas of drug knowledge and 16 areas of pharmacy skills. Conclusion. Students' level of confidence about their drug knowledge and skills increased significantly during the advanced pharmacy practice experiences. Pharmacy educators should teach students to improve their accuracy in self-assessment and develop the habit of regular introspection about their professional competence.

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American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education