Author and Institution Productivity in Industrial Marketing Management from 1971 to 1998

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Management and International Business


This study examines the institutional as well as individual contributions to Industrial Marketing Management over its first 28 years of existence. IMM has been able to effectively bridge the gap between academia and industry and has served as the flagship publication for the field of industrial marketing, and the authors and institutions represented have made significant contributions to the field. The methodology applied follows that of Barry (Barry, Thomas E. Publication Productivity in the Three Lending U.S. Advertising Journals: Inaugural Issues Through 1988. Journal of Advertising 19, 52-60 [1990]) and Henthorne, LaTour and Loraas (Henthorne, Tony L., LaTour, Michael S., and Loraas, Tina: Publication Productivity in the Three leading U.S. Advertising Journals: 1989 through 1996. Journal of Advertising XXVII, 53-63 (1998)] who adjusted the total number of appearances of authors to reflect their fractional contributions. There were a total of 620 articles that appeared during the period of study with 1, 903 author appearances, producing an average of 3.069 authors per article. Whereas the majority of contributors were members of Marketing faculties (56%) and from U.S.-based universities (72%), it was important to note that 17% were nonacademics, and the British Isles represented 10.6% of the contributions. There were 139 authors who had published three or more articles, and when contributions were compared for 1971-1984 and 1985-1998, only one of the top contributors remained in both time periods. The top five institutional contributors represent a geographic mix with both American (three) and non-American (two) universities. With a primarily practitioner-based readership (90%), this ensures that the published studies get industry exposure, and this vital link to industry ensures the relevance of the articles published This kind of study therefore is beneficial in evaluating the output of marketing faculty members as well as the institutions with which they are afiliated. (C) 2001 Elsevier Science Inc. All rights reserved.

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Industrial Marketing Management





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