Saltipedis (Spinosaltipedis) puertoricensis, a New Subgenus and Species of Apseudomorphan (Crustacea: Tanaidacea: Parapseudidae) From Coastal Waters off Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, With Keys and Taxonomic Observations

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Coastal Sciences, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory


Saltipedis (Spinosaltipedis) puertoricensis, n. subgen, n. sp., is described from eastern Puerto Rico off Culebra Island at a depth of 28 m. The new species is the fourth representative of the genus Saltipedis Gutu to be described from the western Atlantic. The new subgenus is distinguished from the currently recognized members of the subgenus Saltipedis Gutu by the presence of strongly developed accessory setae on the mandible between the base of the palp and the molar process. A combination of other characters that further distinguish S. puertoricensis from its congeners includes: (1) rostrum having an acute tip and with lateral margins convex; (2) absence of epistomal spine; (3) setation patterns on the first pereopod, inner margin of uropodal basal article, and the pleotelson; and (4) male chela having a distinct tooth on both the fixed and movable fingers. Pending further systematic study, Longipedis Larsen and Shimomura is resurrected to full generic status. Keys for the separation of the females and known males of Saltipedis are presented. Some of the taxonomic problems defining the genus Saltipedis and related genera are briefly discussed.

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