Characterization of Mouthguard Materials: A Comparison of a Commercial Material to a Novel Thiolene Family

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Polymers and High Performance Materials


The goal of this study is to compare the thermal and mechanical properties of a commercial mouthguard material with a novel class of thermoset polymers based on thiolene click chemistry. Ternary thiolene systems modified with urethane or acrylate [urethane-modified thiolene network (UMTEN) and acrylate-modified thiolene network (AMTEN), respectively] were synthesized and their properties compared with commercially available Polyshok. Durometer hardness (ASTM D2240-05), water absorption [ASTM D570-98 (2005)], tear strength (ASTM D624-00), and impact attenuation [ASTM D6110-06f (modified)] were measured for physical property comparison. Differential scanning calorimetry and dynamic mechanical analysis were used as a means to compare thermal properties. One-way analysis of variance and independent t tests were used to test for differences between Polyshok, AMTEN and UMTEN samples. It was found that the novel thiolene networks exhibit higher impact attenuation at intraoral temperature compared with Polyshok, although Polyshok demonstrates lower water absorption and hardness, as well as higher tear strength. With further modification, this family of thiolene materials may provide a platform for developing next-generation mouthguard materials. (c) 2014 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 2014, 131, 40402.

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Journal of Applied Polymer Science





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