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Observations on the Macroalgae Inhabiting Deep-Water Hard Bank Communities in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico


A preliminary species list of subtidal macroalgal collections from established monitoring sites on two midshelf hard banks communities in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico is provided. A total of 50 taxa belonging to the green (Chlorophyta), brown (Phaeophyceae), and red (Rhodophyta) algae were identified, providing the first documentation of algal composition at Stetson Bank, TX, and Sonnier Bank, LA. Both sites are much more species rich and taxonomically distinct than previously reported, with a surprisingly different floristic composition between both. New records for the Gulf of Mexico include Laurencia chondrioides, Callithamniella tingitana, Diplothamnion jolyi, Griffithsia heteromorpha, and Dictyota pfaffii. Northernmost range extensions for four taxa are reported for the northwestern Gulf.