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Dedicated Section: The Fifth International Seagrass Biology Workshop, 7-11 October 2002, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico


Since 1996, seagrass experts have been meeting biennially to share knowledge of the biology of seagrasses and the animals associated with seagrass meadows. Previous workshops have taken place in Western Australia, Japan, the Philippines, and France. In 2002, the meeting was held in Mexico and four themes were chosen for the sessions: Ecophysiological Processes (Sven Beer, Chair), Plant-Animal Interactions (Kenneth L. HeckJR., Chair), Genetics and Reproductive Biology (Gabriele Procaccini and Michelle Wycott, Co-Chairs), and Changes in Seagrass Beds at the Local and Regional Scale (Fred T. Short, Chair). An additional session on Traditional Knowledge and Wisdom (Sandy Wyllie-Echeverria, Chair) provided an ethnobotanical perspective. Included here are abstracts accepted for the workshop, either as oral or poster presentations.