Reviewer Graduate School, University of Southern Mississippi


These Guidelines MUST be used in conjunction with the Templates.

The formatting instructions and the instructions for using the templates must be read before the student downloads and uses any of the templates designed for formatting theses, dissertations, or nursing capstone projects.

The templates can be broken if not used correctly, so please read the instructions provided in these Guidelines. Contact the Reviewer if help is needed.

Also use the videos listed below these Guidelines. The videos and the USM Guidelines must be used together - read the Guidelines and watch the videos. The videos are not a substitute for these written instructions, they are a supplement.

Download and read these instructions, save them to your desktop for future reference, watch the videos, and schedule a template lesson with the Reviewer - this will save you far more time than it takes to read the instructions and watch the videos.

The Reviewer WILL REJECT theses, dissertations, and nursing capstones that are not in one of the templates; she will also reject those that are placed in a template, but the instructions have clearly not been followed.

Questions? 601-266-4372 or jeanne.stewart@usm.edu

* click on additional files for a screenshot of selections you should make when printing these guidelines (so that the landscaped pages will print correctly). Due to the length of this document we recommend that you print on both sides of the paper OR just save it to your desktop.