William Sutphin


Student programming on a college campus is a frequent source of attention from staff that seek to engage the population. Staff may look to emergent trends in popular culture as a source of inspiration for these ideas. Esports, the concept of competitive video gaming by both professional and casual players, is one of these trends that is seeing increased attention in college students. The University of Southern Mississippi’s Student Affairs Department took note of this trend and focused efforts on the implementation of these activities within the college union. This study attempts, through structured interviews, to determine what aspects of an esports arena or lounge are most appealing to students. In addition, the purpose of this study is to gather students’ insights on what they would like to see in a physical space. Results from interviews show that students expect similar commonalities to professional esports arenas in both facility design and video gaming equipment. A focus on this style of aesthetics helps to define the space and promote student activities around video games and esports.