Date of Award

Spring 5-2013

Degree Type

Honors College Thesis


Polymers and High Performance Materials

First Advisor

James W. Rawlins

Advisor Department

Polymers and High Performance Materials


Thermosetting polymers comprise a significant part of polymer research that is in progress today because thermosets are especially critical in the field of aerospace composites. In this context the proposed research project is designed to develop a novel method to detect and quantify chain scission and thermal degradation of matrix materials using profluorescent nitroxide probes as well as, to study the interaction of the thermoset with its environment during utilization and property degradation. Acquisition of this knowledge will allow for a better understanding of early, i.e., premacroscopic, thermoset degradation and to establish whether these early events are predictive of material lifetimes during real applications.

Included in

Engineering Commons