Date of Award

Spring 5-2013

Degree Type

Honors College Thesis



First Advisor

Beddhu Murali

Advisor Department



Technology is constantly moving forward. Computers are getting better and better every single day. Processors, memory, hard drives, and video cards are getting more powerful and more accessible to the users. With all of this hardware progressing, it is also logical that users want software to evolve as fast as the hardware.

Since this new hardware is available to the user, the easiest way to make graphics even more accessible to everyone is through the web browser. This move to the browser simplifies the life of the end user so that he does not have to install any additional software. Web browser graphics is a field that has been growing since the launch of social media that allowed its users to play 2D games for free.

As a result of the increase in demand for better graphics on the web, major internet browser companies have decided to start implementing WebGL. WebGL is just a 3D drawing context that can be implemented on the web after the addition of the “” tag within HTML5.

This thesis will create a water simulation using WebGL and Three.js. The simulation will depend on a graphics component called a shader that produces moving water and implements a water texture. The final simulation should look realistic and be performance-oriented so it can be used in large scenes.