Date of Award

Spring 5-2014

Degree Type

Honors College Thesis


Finance, Real Estate, and Business Law

First Advisor

Chad Miller

Advisor Department

Economic and Workforce Development


Sporting events can have a large impact on an economy. From the Olympics to the Super Bowl to the World Cup, these events bring in millions of dollars of new revenue to a region. Extensive research has been conducted on the economic impact of these mega-events. However, smaller sporting events, such as a fishing tournament, youth sports tournament, or 5K race, can also boost local economies and influence future tourism choices. However, limited research has been conducted to understand the economic impact of these events, despite the significant resources needed by communities to host these smaller events. This economic impact analysis study focuses on the estimated impact of hosting a smaller, annual sporting event, the 2013 Dixie Angels Softball World Series in Petal, Mississippi. The study determined that the regional hotel and restaurant industries benefited from the tourists attracted to the area by the event, but because the city lacks hotels and has limited restaurants, the county, rather than the city, received the majority of the economic benefit. In the future, other cities might consider their assets, before bidding to host similar events. These events can have an impact on a local economy, but the hospitality assets need to be in place.