Date of Award

Spring 5-2014

Degree Type

Honors College Thesis


Speech and Hearing Sciences

First Advisor

Amy Rosonet

Second Advisor

Tina Bullock

Advisor Department

Speech and Hearing Sciences


This study focuses on an area of debate in the field of Speech-Language Pathology with little prior research on the topic. The thesis considers the use of non-speech oral motor exercises in children with Articulation Disorders. Understanding the reasoning behind the use of these exercises as well as the reasons that cause the exercises to be controversial are discussed. Data is collected from four clients at the University of Southern Mississippi Speech and Hearing Clinic. All four clients have Articulation Disorders; non-speech oral motor exercises are used in therapy with two of the clients in addition to a Traditional Approach to speech therapy. This study hopes to make way for future research to determine a concrete decision on the use of these exercises.