Date of Award

Fall 12-2016

Degree Type

Honors College Thesis


Geography and Geology

First Advisor

Franklin Heitmuller

Advisor Department

Geography and Geology


Sediment samples from a marsh along East (Pensacola) Bay were analyzed using various laboratory techniques. The color, magnetic susceptibility, organic content, carbonate content, and sediment size distribution of each sample was measured to attain an overall profile of the sedimentary characteristics of the area. Using the GPS coordinates of each collection site, samples were categorized into sub-environments based on their position within the marsh. The trends within the study area and sub-environments were evaluated and interpreted. The data indicate that this marsh is a siliciclastic, fining-inland area that is frequently inundated with tidal fluctuations and storm surges. These storm surges transport large amounts of coarse-grained sediment into the marsh. There were also similarities in the fluvial channel sediments and samples taken near the mouth of the river, but not along the frontbar. This indicates that the depositional extent of the fluvial system in the study area ended at the outlet. Additional interpretations and statistical comparisons are discussed within this study.

Included in

Sedimentology Commons