Date of Award

Fall 12-2017

Degree Type

Honors College Thesis


Geography and Geology

First Advisor

David M. Cochran, Jr.

Advisor Department

Geography and Geology


Contaminated property is a significant limiting factor to urban development, specifically in the old economic centers of cities. This study is a spatial analysis of contaminated property in the Downtown district of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Historic archives are used to create a land-use history of various sites that are presented as case studies in the thesis. These sites provide a unique historical perspective of Hattiesburg’s industrial development while also illustrating the general trends of brownfields in the city. Using a combination of archival information and publicly available spatial data, a series of maps are created that display the source of financial support, contaminants, and assessment status of focus sites. By reconstructing the relationship between past and present land usage, this thesis contributes to a greater understanding of brownfields in Hattiesburg, thereby providing a tool for rehabilitation and redevelopment.


Honors College Award: Excellence in Reseach