Date of Award

Spring 5-2018

Degree Type

Honors College Thesis



First Advisor

Monica Hayes

Advisor Department



This project is an analysis and reflection on a magic show performed by myself before a live audience and recorded for documentation. It is a snapshot in time of my progress as a performer at a particular point in my career as a magician. In this paper, I detail my current philosophies on the performance of magic and the reasons why I made certain decisions regarding the structure of the show and the routines I performed. In addition to this, I also discuss adaptations that I have made to these routines since the performance. The analysis is based entirely on opinions gained from my experience of studying the art of magic and performing over the course of several years leading up to this point. These opinions were formed based on personal performance experience in front of live audiences in combination with studying the works of the great magicians of the past and present. My plan following graduation is to move to Nashville, TN to continue my career as a full time professional magician. I include my process of gaining promotional material and rebranding myself in preparation for the move. The point of this project is to capture a clear picture of my progress and development as a performer.