Date of Award

Spring 5-2018

Degree Type

Honors College Thesis



First Advisor

Bikramjit Banerjee

Advisor Department



MSRs are highly versatile robots that work together to form into different configurations. However, to take advantage of this ability to transform, the MSR must utilize an SRP algorithm to determine what actions to perform to shape itself to reach its goal configuration. An SRP algorithm can be boiled down to a search method through an unexplored graph which we approach with four basic search algorithms to see which algorithm is best when designing an SRP algorithm. To do this we create a general MSR model known as stickbots and use different search algorithms on a variety of SRP problems to test the model. With these tests we can observe how different algorithms are affected by different scenarios. With the data collected using this model we hope to show that certain algorithms are better suited for creating SRP algorithms and our model can be used to test more complex algorithms.