Date of Award


Degree Type

Honors College Thesis


Communication Studies

First Advisor

Vincenzo Mistretta, MFA

Advisor Department

Communication Studies


Conducting research in a creative field is different from that of an academic field such as a biological science or history. Instead of constructing a thesis topic and question, then conducting research to answer said question, one has to come up with a concept and then expound upon that basic idea. This is done through the use of information on the subject and the setting of the given idea. This thesis is a production book for a screenplay titled The Pain in Beauty (2020). A production book is a series of documents that contain all the details of the pre-production elements in the filmmaking process. The Pain in Beauty (2020) is a short film centered around a beauty pageant that goes wrong on individual levels for each main character. In addition to the screenplay the production book contains a treatment, synopsis, storyboard, and lookbook. There is also detailed notes on the research process used to create this thesis. Each element is formatted to match the film industry standard.