Date of Award


Degree Type

Honors College Thesis

Academic Program

Biological Sciences BS


Biological Sciences

First Advisor

Robert Turnbull, M.S.

Advisor Department

Biological Sciences


This project originated through interest in pursuing a field-based research project involving vertebrates. After conducting literature reviews, it was found that the Bear Point Bayou running through the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Park Campus has never been thoroughly surveyed for species richness (Mohrman et al. 2016). Four sites on the Gulf Park Campus were chosen and vertebrate species were documented and identified through observations, camera trapping, and vocalization recordings. These data, along with species previously recorded on campus, were combined, and compared to data from the Gulf Coast Phenology Trail of which the Gulf Park Campus was recently added as a partner site. A total of 82 vertebrate species were catalogued on this campus with species richness being greatest at the Bear Point Bayou observation site. Recommendations for future GCPT involvement as well as the promotion of field-based studies for students on the Gulf Park Campus with emphasis on those majoring in the Biological Sciences are proposed.

Included in

Zoology Commons