Date of Award


Degree Type

Honors College Thesis

Academic Program

Speech Pathology and Audiology BA


Speech and Hearing Sciences

First Advisor

Mary Schaub, M.S.

Advisor Department

Speech and Hearing Sciences


The purpose of this exploratory study was to determine how speech-language pathologists utilize canine-assisted treatment in their practices and the speech-language pathologists’ perceptions of the effectiveness of using canine-assistance in speech therapy. A nine-question survey was sent via email to the licensed members of the Mississippi Speech-Language -Hearing Association (MSHA). The author used the source, SurveyMonkey, to acquire and analyze the data. The data was used to determine the prevalence of canine-assisted therapy in speech therapy and to discover if the speech-language pathologists believed this kind of therapy was effective. Additionally, when canine-assisted therapy was used, was there a particular gender, age, disorder, intervention strategy, and/or breed of canine that responded best to canine-assisted treatment?