Date of Award


Degree Type

Honors College Thesis

Academic Program

Music Education BMEd



First Advisor

Melody Causby, Ph.D.

Advisor Department



This study surveyed band directors in the state of Mississippi, asking them what methods they use to teach the horn. The purpose of this research was to find some solid methods and concepts that participants found successful in their horn teaching, as well as open the discussion on what makes horn teaching unique to that of other instruments. Participants were selected for an online survey on two criteria: they had to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Music or Music Education, and they had to have at least one year of teaching experience in Mississippi.

After participants were surveyed, three qualitative coding methods were used to analyze the data: Attribute coding, In Vivo coding, and Descriptive coding. Four emergent themes were discovered as concepts most frequently discussed by participants: equipment, differentiations, teacher preparedness, and horn player independence. Participants have the most success teaching the horn when they are prepared, confident, and equipped in their teaching with strategies to help their horn players succeed. These findings support the idea that the horn and its teaching are not harder than that of other instruments, simply different.