Date of Award


Degree Type

Honors College Thesis

Academic Program

Nursing BSN



First Advisor

Kathleen Masters, D.N.S.

Advisor Department



The purpose of this study is to assess how COVID-19 restrictions affected the perinatal experience of women in Mississippi. A flyer detailing the purpose and inclusion criteria of the study was sent via social media platforms. Five postpartum women from the Hattiesburg, Mississippi area participated in this study. Eight open-ended questions were asked in an interview format, and a seven-question demographic survey was given to each participant at the conclusion of the interview. Five restrictions related to COVID-19 were identified: visitor restrictions in the hospital, mask requirements in healthcare facilities, screening of patients upon admission to the Labor and Delivery unit, a shorter length of stay in the hospital, and visitor restrictions at prenatal and postnatal appointments. Overall, four themes were identified based on participant responses: stress, fear/anxiety, missed experiences, and loss of control. Further research is needed to investigate how COVID-19 related restrictions affected women in Mississippi on a larger scale.