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Honors College Thesis

Academic Program

Music Education BMEd



First Advisor

Christopher Goertzen, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Colin McKenzie, D.M.A.

Third Advisor

Sabine Heinhorst, Ph.D.

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Andy Stewart and Andy M. Stewart are popular Scottish folk and traditional musicians operating at different periods during the development of mass media. Andy Stewart’s career was marked by the introduction of the television into Scotland, and he made his career being compére of the Scottish television show The White Heather Club. After gaining international recognition, viewers and listeners associated his tartanry and stereotypically Scottish humor as representative of his culture and country.

Andy M. Stewart gained international recognition during the folk revival, in which he wrote songs both for his solo career and for the band Silly Wizard. Aware of the romanticized perception of Scotland by the general public in and out of the country, Andy utilized kailyard in his songs to paint a picturesque image of Scotland and to draw in his listeners both through ingratiating sound and shared nostalgia.

The two romantic devices employed separately by the Stewarts – tartanry and kailyard – act as triggers to multiple types of nostalgia. This paper draws connections between these two devices and myriad types of nostalgia such as communal nostalgia, historical nostalgia, and exonostalgia. It explores the relationship of each type of nostalgia with the experience of both Scottish and non-Scottish listeners as they encounter these emotions.

Keywords: Andy Stewart, Nostalgia, Tartanry, Kailyard School, Silly Wizard, The White Heather Club