Date of Award


Degree Type

Honors College Thesis

Academic Program

Music Education BMEd



First Advisor

Dr. Jonathan Kilgore, D.M.A.

Second Advisor

Dr. Colin McKenzie, D.M.A.

Third Advisor

Sabine Heinhorst, Ph.D.

Advisor Department



Transgender and nonbinary individuals face unique challenges in the choral community because of their gender identity. The foundation of the choral ensemble and its methods are rooted in the gender binary, making it hard for gender-expansive singers to feel a sense of belonging.

The purpose of this thesis project was to gauge the experiences and opinions of transgender and nonbinary choral music education majors who participate in at least one choral ensemble. Data was obtained through a voluntary survey that asked participants how their gender affected aspects of their experience as a choral music education major. Survey results led to the conclusion that transgender and nonbinary choral music education majors feel to some extent less represented and less comfortable in their music education courses and choral ensembles compared to their cisgender peers.

Participants (N=17)


LGBTQ, transgender, nonbinary, choral, music, education