Date of Award


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Honors College Thesis

Academic Program

Biological Sciences BS



First Advisor

Candice Salyers, Ph.D.

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The senior choreographic project The Spirit of Gaia aims to not only build awareness for individuals about the impact humans have on the climate crisis but also to inspire change in the way in which humans utilize movement practices for the benefit of Earth. As a creative process based in somatic exploration and a performance contingent on a live audience, The Spirit of Gaia exists as a living moment of dance. Acknowledging the power movement has to be the progenitor of a larger environmental consciousness and an eco-friendly change on the individual level, the dance acts as a means of connection between the Earth, the dancers, and the audience. This paper describes the ecosomatic movement practices utilized during the process of creating The Spirit of Gaia and leads the reader through the choreographer’s experiences and discoveries.

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Dance Commons