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Honors College Thesis

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International Business BSBA


Management and International Business

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Monika Gehlawat, Ph.D.

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F. Scott Fitzgerald is colloquially known as one of the great American writers. His acclaim is most commonly attributed to his depiction of heterosexual romances set during the Jazz Age. However, under the surface, many of the male characters that he represents display queer behaviors that subvert this idea. The texts analyzed here include “The Rich Boy” (1926), Tender is the Night (1934), and The Great Gatsby (1925). These men commonly avoid perpetuating heteronormative culture, projecting a general air of cynicism towards the institution of marriage, and a subtle inclination towards feminine characteristics and queer love. Overall, the inclusion of these characters does not only serve to complicate our understanding of primary themes in Fitzgerald’s writing, but also further testifies to the presence of queer people and behavior throughout history.