Date of Award


Degree Type

Honors College Thesis

Academic Program

Interior Design BS


Art and Design

First Advisor

Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong, Ph.D.

Advisor Department

Marketing and Fashion Merchandising


Universities worldwide are undertaking extensive renovations and new construction projects to enhance their facilities. These efforts include upgrading flooring, repainting walls, purchasing new furniture, and updating lighting. With many outdated classrooms, institutions redesign older spaces and invest in more modern facilities to create comfortable and collaborative environments. Researchers and commercial manufacturers have studied the significant impact of classroom environments on students' mental well-being, perceptions, and learning performance. However, while research shows the effects of school environments on Pre-K - 12 students, limited studies have focused on the impact of classroom environments in higher education. This research aims to fill this gap by exploring the effects of classroom environments on students' mental well-being, learning performance, and classroom environment perceptions in higher education through two studies focusing on lighting and classroom design. Study One uses light measuring equipment to analyze the amount of lighting in buildings across campus and confirms earlier findings that identified two distinct lighting zones (golden and shadow zones) present in classrooms that impact student performance. Part Two examines student perceptions of their learning environments in either new or renovated classrooms with conventional or active learning settings. Results reveal that classroom lighting, temperature, daylight, and visibility significantly impact learning performance in the classroom environment. Additionally, when asked about their physical classroom experience, most students described adequate artificial illumination in the classroom, but sunlight can be too bright.

Available for download on Wednesday, June 18, 2025