Date of Award


Degree Type

Honors College Thesis

Academic Program

Marketing BSBA


Marketing and Fashion Merchandising

First Advisor

Bradley Winton, D.B.A.

Advisor Department

Management and International Business


The Mississippi Gulf Coast is known for its coastal beauty and the tourism that comes from the recreational activities associated with the water. However, there appears to be an underserved segment of the tourism industry. The coast provides opportunities for local scuba divers to take part in a range of diving activities, but there is minimal support for this tourism activity in Mississippi. There is a need for greater understanding about what local divers value in their diving experiences and how this might lead to greater satisfaction with this activity. Along with overall perceived value, the argument is made that the functional, emotional, social, risk, and epistemic value local divers put on their diving experience leads to greater satisfaction in their diving experience. Accordingly, hypotheses are developed to directly link each dimension of perceived value to satisfaction with the diving experience. Results highlight a significant effect of overall perceived value on satisfaction with the diving experience. Further, the functional and social value factors were also found to have significant and positive relationships with diver satisfaction. Beyond providing greater understanding of what brings local divers greater fulfillment, a larger goal of this research is to discover ways to better market scuba diving along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.