Date of Award

Fall 2012

Degree Type

Masters Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Chair

Joe Olmi

Committee Chair Department


Committee Member 2

Daniel Tingstrom

Committee Member 2 Department


Committee Member 3

Brad Dufrene

Committee Member 3 Department



The purpose was to investigate the additive effects of Social Skills Training (SST) to Check-in/Check-out (CICO) on academic engagement of students. Participants were 3 elementary students who exhibited disruptive behavior who were nominated by teachers. The two dependent variables were the level of Appropriately Engaged Behavior (AEB) of the student as well as the student's behavior ratings indicated by teacher responses on the Daily Behavior Report Card (DBRC) with and without SST. A noncurrent multiple baseline across students design was used to examine both dependent variables. Goldstein and McGinnis' program, Skillstreaming the Elementary School Child, was used during SST. The current study assessed whether the combination of CICO and SST was more effective than CICO in increasing AEB. All three students demonstrated increases in AEB during CICO. However, when CICO/SST was implemented, all three students did not demonstrate additional increases in AEB compared to CICO. In addition, all three students' teacher-rated performance on the DBRC remained variable during intervention phases. Teachers found both Tier 2 interventions as acceptable; however, the majority of teachers indicated that both interventions did not positively affect students ' classroom behavior. Theses results support the use of CICO in elementary school students.