Date of Award

Spring 2011

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Masters Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Bonnie Nicholson

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Eric Dahlen

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Michael Madson

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There is a link between parenting stress and negative child outcomes. Research has focused on a number of risk and protective factors that may influence parental practices and child behavior. Parental trauma has been identified as a risk factor for increased parental stress. Previous research has demonstrated a link between combat exposure and parenting stress in veterans of war. Hardiness, a personality variable that describes an individual's sense of commitment, control, and challenge in light of life stress, has been identified as a protective factor that buffers against the development of psychological symptoms in combat veterans. The current study assessed the relationship between combat- related PTSD symptomatology and parenting stress, as well as the moderating influence of hardiness in this relationship in a sample of 117 modern veterans. Results supported hypotheses predicting a positive relationship between PTSD symptomatology and parenting stress and a negative relationship between hardiness and parenting stress. Hardiness was not found to moderate the relationship between PTSD symptomatology and parenting stress.

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Psychology Commons