Date of Award

Spring 3-4-2022

Degree Type

Masters Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Olivia Claire Friedman

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Joshua Bernstein

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Monika Gehlawat

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The following creative writing thesis, Yonder, includes a critical introduction that considers the stories collected in the manuscript within the traditions of the literature of consciousness, micro fiction, and Jewish fiction. In the stories collected in Yonder, something is often missing: meaning, connection, a loved one. While the characters in the stories are often at odds with each other, the formal and stylistic focus centers on interiority. Often, it seems as if that missing piece is just around the next corner, whether the subject at hand is a widow looking for meaning after her husband’s suicide, or a writer hoping to rekindle his inspiration abroad. Of course, finding what one is missing is never that easy, or simple, and often the characters in Yonder do receive, in one form or another, what they are looking for, only to be disappointed in the results. As I say in the introduction, the aesthetic aim for the creative work here is “something cerebral, with a heart.”

Available for download on Friday, December 31, 2100

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