A recent survey (Kemker, et al, 2013) of practicing nurses’ awareness of hearing impaired patients’ communication needs revealed a potential need to supplement the curriculum. The instructional areas that required supplemental information were related to assisting patients with their amplification devices and in verifying that a verbal message has been accurately received. These areas may not be sufficiently covered in a typical School of Nursing curriculum. To meet the curriculum needs and to address any potential ethical concerns regarding provision of care to this patient population, instructional materials were developed by the authors that directly addressed the identified areas. These instructional materials consisted of a demonstration video, Power-point presentations, and an 8x12 graphical display. These materials were employed as an instructional intervention in a pre- and post-test design in a School of Nursing classroom. The same survey questions used previously by Kemker, et al, served as the measuring tool. Results showed that all participants improved significantly in their skills and competencies related to the communication needs of hearing impaired patients. These materials are available to academic institutions.

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