Philosophical evaluations have played an influential role in the growth and development of molecular and developmental biology to ensure that every individual is born healthy, born wanted and has the privilege to fulfil his or her potentials for a life free from disease and disability. This is why it becomes necessary for biologists to carefully understand human genes, evolution, cells and general human anatomy to fulfil this project. During this process, they are faced with challenges where they also lack the foundation on how to solve them. This challenge gave birth to a philosophical excavation of molecular and developmental biology. This paper is an attempt to expose that philosophy is a major tool in proffering possible solutions to issues related to biology through one of the new dimension in philosophy namely philosophy of biology. It is one of the most exciting new areas in the field of philosophy which is attracting much attention in the contemporary philosophical studies. In this paper, we posit that issues in molecular and developmental biology will be of success when the fundamental tools of philosophy are being taken into consideration cognizant that philosophy and biology viz-a-viz philosophy of biology, can be seen as a single inquiry into the nature of man-well-being.



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