The aim of the study is to evaluate the attitudes and opinions of Greek health care professionals with regard to cloning. The sample included 303 individuals, medical and nursing personnel. An anonymous questionnaire was used and data analysis was performed using descriptive statistics, X2 (Chi Square) test and Mann-Whitney U test. More than 50% of the participants agree that cloning a) offends human dignity, b) devalues the role of the male in human reproduction and c) helps rescue endangered species. Eighty percent of the sample supports that cloning reduces the genetic diversity of humans and nature. Additionally, 71.2% of the sample stands against reproductive cloning, while 63.9% are in favor of therapeutic cloning. Independent variables that influence the attitudes towards cloning are: the importance of religion, the category of personnel (medical or nursing) and age. The majority of the participants do not consider reproductive cloning morally acceptable. Nevertheless, it is believed to help rescue endangered species. The participants consider therapeutic cloning important for the treatment of illnesses.



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