Volume 8, Issue 1 (2012)

Ethical Behavior: Care or Knowledge

In this issue, six articles from four different countries challenge our ethical reasoning. Extrapolating from the egregious bioethical violations exacted in the Nazi experiments, the Tuskegee experiments, and the Guatemala Syphilis experiment, Aggarwal concludes that researchers “throw away the concept of equality in the value of human life among vulnerable populations.” Hence, Aggarwal affirms in the commentary: Differential Human Life Valuation, Guatemala Syphilis Trial and Health Research, that it is not lack of knowledge that accounts for bioethical violations, but lack of care. Read more...

Front Matter



Ethical Decision Making in Online Graduate Nursing Education and Implications for Professional Practice
Anita Davis Boykins DNSc, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC and Melanie Gilmore PhD, FNP-BC


Informed Consent and the Dentist
Arishka Devadiga M.D.S


Teaching Ethics through Service Learning
William Stuart Pope DNP, RN and Constance Smith Hendricks PhD, RN, FAAN