Objective: To outline the specific gender equity and socio-economic barriers to maternal health faced by Bangladeshi women.

Background: Bangladesh is a country with over one third of the population living in poverty and another one third living just above poverty level. The World Health Organization (2010) indicates that Bangladesh has poor prenatal and postpartum care, nutritional deficiencies, and the second highest maternal mortality and morbidity rates next to sub-Saharan Africa. Women living in Bangladesh are at high risk for maternal mortality and morbidity in the postpartum period directly related to socio-economic status.

Methods: This is a systematic review and analysis of the literature regarding gender equity and socio-economic barriers to maternal health for women living in Bangladesh.

Conclusion: The need for socio-economic relief for women living in rural Bangladesh remains one of the core issues that need addressed. Poverty is one of the root causes that have led to high maternal mortality and morbidities faced by Bangladeshi women in the prenatal and postpartum period and remains a serious barrier to gender equity and equality.



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